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Summer News 2013




                                                    SALTDEAN LIDO FUN DAY

Did you see Meridian Veterinary Practice at the Saltdean Lido Fun day on Saturday 1st June? We all attended and enjoyed meeting many of our clients both four and two legged! We sponsored the Animal Zone this year so we hoped you enjoyed the wide variety of furry friends on show. The Owls were magnificent, the reptile centre a huge success and how well trained were those police dogs? All the money raised from our Tombola and Dog Show went towards the Save the Lido fund. Thank you to everyone that took part.

The Dog show was a huge success and was judged by our vet Stephen Speak, Head Nurse Fiona Attwater assisted by Nurse Amy Garbo. The categories were for most Handsome Dog (both under and over 3 years old) and Prettiest Bitch (both under and over 3 years old). It proved really difficult to choose the winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All the dogs that took part were well behaved and a credit to their owners, well done to everyone that entered.

The Saltdean Lido celebrated its 75th Anniversary this year and it was an honor to take part for the second year running. Saltdean Lido has estimated they raised £20,000 over the 2 day event!

Our next event is with Meridian Community Primary School for which we will be judging their dog show on Saturday 13th July. Put this date in your diary if you wish to enter.


Every year, Meridian’s Vets visit the local infant school to give a short presentation to the children and to help teach them what a vet’s job involves. This year vets Stephen and Neerja, nurses Amy and Vicky and dogs Rosie and Mojo visited the school. The children enjoyed asking questions about the various skulls and x-rays the vets had taken to show them. “Is it a dinosaur?!” was the most common question asked! They also especially enjoyed stroking the two dogs. The children had recently set up a play vets surgery in the classroom so the visit helped them to learn more about vets. We left the children with colouring in pictures that they can return to us. The best one will win a prize!


You may have heard from 2016 the government has passed a law that will make microchips compulsory for all dogs. Did you know that when you have your pet microchipped at Meridian you get four weeks pet insurance for free?

The insurance will cover against injury and illness and is effective once your pet is registered on the database (normally about 48hours after implantation of the microchip). The four week cover is particularly useful for puppies and kittens as it allows you  breathing space to sort out a more permanent insurance policy. Do you know you get 50% off microchips with our Pet Health Club?


We are all looking forward to the summer which heralds the start of pleasant walks in the fields with your dog, watching your cat soak up the rays, and rabbits and guinea pigs enjoying outdoor runs!

HEAT – never leave your pets in closed conservatories or cars. Contrary to popular belief, leaving a car window open or supplying water makes little difference as a car can quickly heat up to around 50 degrees!

SUN – monitor the time they spend in the sun as pets like us, can suffer from heatstroke, sunstroke and dehydration. Apply sun block to the tips of white cats ears to protect against sunburn and subsequent skin cancer.

GARDENS – pets are inquisitive so store garden products carefully. Provide shade for rabbits and guinea pigs in their outdoor runs. Check your rabbit’s back end twice daily for flies, eggs or flesh eating maggots that can cause a fatal fly strike. Use a product like Rearguard to prevent against this.

GRASS SEEDS — Fields and pavements are rife with grass seeds. Grass seeds have a very sharp end and a knack of getting everywhere—paws, nostrils, ears  and eyes! Because of their shape and the movement of the pet, grass seeds can migrate a long distance from their entry point and can cause potentially serious problems. For example, inhaled grass seeds may not remain in the nose or mouth but travel further down into the lungs. This can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. It is therefore important to investigate and remove them as soon as they are suspected. We would advise you to thoroughly check your pets over when they return home from a walk or from the garden. To remove a grass seed we usually have to sedate the animal to explore an entry point. Sometimes despite careful searching we do not find the offending grass seed. In these cases, we may apply a poultice dressing to draw the seed out.  

BBQ – bones and barbeque skewers can get lodged in your pet’s mouth, throat or

intestines. Be careful what you feed them!

TRAVEL – many dogs accompany their owners on their annual summer holiday. Please make sure that you are up to date with flea, tick and worm control. Do not hesitate to call us or contact DEFRA regarding any overseas travel enquiries you may have. Most kennels will require your pet to be up to date with routine vaccinations and dogs to have had the kennel cough vaccine. We recommend that the kennel cough vaccine is given at least two weeks before your dog is due to go to kennels.