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Summer News 2014

Meridian Vets in the Community


It’s been a busy start to the summer for us all at Meridian, having attended School talks, Dog shows and the Save the Saltdean Lido festival. As always we want to thank you all for your support in helping to raise £300 for the Saltdean Lido and other charities like the Guide Dogs that we strongly support every year with your help.

Saltdean Lido

The beer and wine festival took place on Saturday 7th June and for the third year running the sun was shining. What a great day it was. With fabulous music and the chance to go on a  behind the scenes tour of the lido. We loved seeing so many of our clients and their dogs wearing our bandanas. We really do feel that this is a great cause so please visit for more info.


School Talks

Stephen, Fiona, Amy and Megan visited Peacehaven Primary School and Hopscotch Nursery to give short talks on animal care for the children as part of the work they had been covering in the schools. Rosie Harper owned by our receptionist Susan attended the talks as she does every year. It’s difficult to tell who likes who more when it comes to Rosie and the children. Stephen used Rosie to demonstrate how to handle and examine dogs. The children were given the chance to listen to Rosie’s heart beat through a stethoscope. Everyone who knows Rosie will know she is perfect for this job. The children were also shown x-rays of various patient’s bones from different animals. The vet’s tortoise attended and the children were shown tortoise eggs. Thanks to all the children for sending in their amazing pictures to us and the winners will be displayed in our reception.

Dog Show

Meridian Community Primary School will be holding their Summer Fair on Saturday 13th July we will be there to judge the dog show. Put the date in your diary and don't forget to enter your dogs for handsomest boy, prettiest girl and dogs that most look like their owners. This will be a fun day for all.

Pet Health Club—Bandanas

Our bandanas were a big hit at the Saltdean Lido day. We will now be giving these away free to all new and existing members in our Pet Health Club, so don't forget to pick up your bandana when you next visit.

Your tortoise needs YOU!

When did your tortoise last have an MOT? There are many misconceptions about looking after tortoises, from diet and housing to hibernation. Did you know your tortoise needs to be doing well this summer before you can even start to think about hibernation? Did you know that not all tortoises hibernate? and those that do, need to be in full health to safely get through the hibernation process. A hibernating tortoise should be monitored weekly for temperature, weight and condition, wormed and bathed regularly.

It is not too late to think about this year’s hibernation. Come see one of our vets to discuss all your tortoise related questions and needs.

Free Deliveries

The van is out and about making deliveries every Wednesday between 2-4pm by Andy Harper. This service is free for all deliveries within a 5 mile radius.

Word of Mouth

Did you know, whenever you recommend a friend or relative to register as a new client at Meridian Veterinary Practice, we will give you AND your friend £5.  This will be credited to your accounts and will help towards the cost of any future medications or treatment your pet may need. 80% of our new clients come from your recommendations so this is just a little thank you from us!