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Winter News 2013/14


Happy Christmas

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Our opening hours over Christmas will be as follows -

Monday 23rd Dec                   8am-6pm

Tuesday 24th Dec                  8am-6pm

Wednesday 25th Dec             Closed

Thursday 26th Dec                Closed

Friday 27th Dec                      8am-7pm

Saturday 28th Dec                 8am-12pm

New Year’s Day                     Closed

During the holiday period when we are closed Vetcall will continue to provide 24hour veterinary care. Their number is 01273 621682




We have a range of Christmas gifts and treats for dogs, cats and small furies    available on our on-line shop. Visit and click on shop.                                                                       Or pop into the practice to buy your pet a Christmas stocking and advent calendar from £3.94 each. You can also buy the Cats Protection League 2014   Calendar for £3.99 (all money from this goes to the Cats Protection charity).

Pet Health Club

This has become very successful at Meridian. It’s a great way to save money and spread the costs for your Dog’s and Cat’s preventative health care such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. The scheme also offers discounts on food, microchipping, neutering and dental treatment. We are now offering 50% off your vaccination fee if you sign up to the Pet Health Club on the day of vaccination. Ask a member of our team for further details.

Free Deliveries

The van is now out and about making deliveries every Wednesday between 2-4pm by Andy Harper. Deliveries will need to be ordered and paid for in advance ready for delivery. Deliveries will be FREE within a 5 mile radius on

orders over £15 (or a charge of £5 will occur).

Circus Starr

Our Christmas   charity donation has once again gone to Circus Starr. Our donation will allow disabled children in the community to go to a Pantomime show this Christmas. We are sure they will all have a great time!

Baby News

Our vet Neerja gave birth to a baby girl on the 14th October she is called Maya. Both Mum and Baby are well.

Winter Worries!


It’s hard to believe that autumn is over already and the cold winter nights have crept in. We have put together some seasonal tips to keep your pets fit and healthy this winter……….

Arthritis: Look out for any limps and difficulties in rising after rest; these can be signs that your pet may have joint stiffness, often made worse over the winter. If your pet shows any signs of stiffness or limping please give us a call.

Flea Alert: With the central heating turned on, fleas are no longer just a summer problem! The warm temperatures in your house are ideal for flea eggs to hatch. Have you remembered your pet’s flea treatment this month?

Christmas decorations such as ribbon and tinsel are very attractive to pets and if    swallowed, may lead to an intestinal blockage. Make sure these are out of reach.

Chocolate is often found in abundance at this time of year and poses a significant hazard to dogs and can be fatal. In general the higher the cocoa content the more toxic the chocolate. If your pet eats any chocolate please contact us immediately.

Grapes, raisins and sultanas are also known to be toxic to dogs, so beware of your dog eating Christmas pudding and cake! Remember also that lilies pose a risk to cats, with all parts of the plant being toxic. Immediate veterinary attention is needed if any of the above are ingested.

Can you pinch an inch? With many pets spending more time indoors during the winter months they are getting less exercise and need correspondingly less food. Keep an eye out for any weight gain since excess weight can cause a range of long-term health problems.

Outdoor Pets: The winter months can be very tough for pets kept outdoors especially for rabbits and guinea pigs. It is important that all pets are checked daily and ensure hutches are kept clean and warm with plenty of bedding. Water bottles should be checked regularly to ensure they have not frozen.

Wild Birds are extremely vulnerable during the winter months and providing fresh food and water is one of the most helpful things you can do for them. Further information can be found online at

Fireworks: Undoubtedly there will be fireworks over the festive period. This can be a source of stress for many pets and owners. Natural pheromone anti-anxiety products like Feliway and Adaptil are very beneficial. Most importantly you need to stay calm and relaxed. Relaxed pets are happy pets! Please contact us for further information.


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Send in your pets Christmas pictures and the best photo will win a Christmas Hamper worth £50